Thick description of block #965.

The goal of this thick description is to detail what block #965 (pictured above) looks like in as much subjective detail as possible

The material of the block is white in color and has a slightly darker edge that has several holes along those edges. There are eight names on the block that are made of a sort of shiny and black material that appears to be in the Bebas Neue type font. The names listed also include the date of birth and death. They are as follows: Herb O. Shoemaker III, D.D.S. 1946 ·· 1987, Gregory Cuda, M.D. 1942 ·· 1986, Dr. C., M.D. 1934 ·· 1983, Philip Wood, M.D. 1951 ·· 1987, Ralph Baumring, M.D. 1933 ·· 1985, James Holloran, M.D. 1942 ·· 1986, Harvey Thompson, M.D. 1941 ·· 1986, Michael Haim, M.D. 1949 ·· 1986. There is a large upside-down triangle that is navy blue in color in the middle of the block. The triangle has the words Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights on top in purple-pink and the words San Francisco in purple-pink overlapping the bottom corner of the triangle. Inside of the triangle a symbol of two purple-pink snakes wrapped around a navy blue pole. There are wings sprouting out of the pole that has different colored stripes specifically navy blue, blue, green, yellow, and red.

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  1. Interesting. I notice many, many more details here. Can you double this level of detail? What about the larger initial letters in the words along the top of the triangle’s base?

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