Second thick description of block #965.

The quilt appears to have been folded when it was put away because of the creases visible in the fabric. The Text above the navy blue triangle says, Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights. The B, A, P, H, and R are larger in font size than the rest of the letters in the organizations name. This is done to highlight the acronym BAPHR that is seen most commonly associated with the organization. The text San Francisco is shown to indicate that BAPHR is an organization acting in San Francisco. The “ยทยท” between the date of birth and death of the victims are synonymous with a “-“. The most prevalent color is white, white is most commonly associated with innocence and purity. In a way this block is implying that the victims didn’t deserve to die the way they did and died in an unjust manner. The navy blue of the triangle symbolizes wisdom and integrity providing some background into the expertise of these individuals. The rainbow wings is used as an obvious marker of the LGBT community. One of the biggest takeaways is the titles given to each victim, from M.D. to D.D.S. This tells the viewers that these people were respected and a part of the BAPHR organization. The block is also professional and formal in nature. The victims are all for the most part anonymous (especially Dr. C because their full name is not even listed) with none of them having any sort of personalized aspect added to the block. These individuals were not extraordinary they were normal people who were just living their lives for the sake of helping the people of their community.

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