Primary Source Descriptions



The block is a twelve foot square block, unlike most of the blocks this one is not made up of multiple smaller panels. The block is read from left to right and stylized with most of the words and names appearing in full capitalization.

This block is #965 out of 5,956, which means that this was a pretty early implemented block to the quilt. The subjects of the quilt are members of the Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR). Their names are: Herb O. Shoemaker III, D.D.S., Gregory Cuda, M.D., Dr. C, M.D., Philip Wood, M.D., Ralph Baumring, M.D., James Holloran, M.D., Harvet Thompson, M.D., and Michael Haim, M.D.

The primary colors of the block are white, black, and navy blue. The secondary colors of the block are blue, green, yellow, red, and purple-pink. The block appears to be made of a cloth similar to the typical material used in flags, a thin cloth that is slightly scratchy, the names and pictures are slightly raised from the cloth and are slightly glossy.

This block will be broken down from the outside edge of the block and to the description of the names on the top and bottom. Next, I will describe the words in purple-pink and their significance. Finally, I will describe the symbol in the center of the block along with the shape surrounding it.


The edge of the block is a trim that is a slightly washed out white compared to the overall white of the block the trim is sewn in using a white thread so that it blends in.

I am unable to get specific measurements of the trimming as the block is not available for physical viewing.It looks to be about 1 inch or less wide from the top and bottom as well as the sides.

The trimming also has holes punched out in it. There are 16 holes in total along the top and bottom and sides.


The names presented in this block are written in the Bebas Neue font and are stylized by being in all capital letters. The material used for the names are a glossy black and almost plastic like material. There is no sign of the lettering peeling so it was applied securely to the block. The black is a very simple color and easily draws the viewers eyes to the names because they stand out against the white background.

Some of the names (Herb O. Shoemaker III, D.D.S., Ralph Baumring, M.D., and Harvey Thompson, M.D.) are smaller than the rest because they are longer names and were shrank to make room for the rest of the names.

The date of each individual’s birth and death are underneath their names. From left to right the dates are as follows: Shoemaker (1946-1987), Cuda (1942-1986), Dr. C. (1934-1983), Wood (1951-1987), Baumring (1933-1985), Holloran (1942-1986), Thompson (1941-1986), and Haim (1949-1986).

Shoemaker died at the age of 41. Cuda died at the age of 44. Dr. C. died at the age of 49. Wood died at the age of 36. Baumring died at the age of 52. Holloran died at the age of 44. Thompson died at the age of 45. Haim died at the age of 37.


The words Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights and San Francisco are in a purple-pink color and in an unrecognizable font. Unlike the names, Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights is clearly in uppercase and lowercase letters. San Francisco is still stylized in all capitalized letters.

The material that the words are made of are a non glossy cloth unlike the names of the individuals. There are no signs of stitching on the lettering so they appear to have been glued on or some other method.


In the center of the block is a pair of snakes coiled around a rod with multicolored wings sprouting out of it.

The snakes are the same purple-pink color as the organization and city. The rod is navy blue. The wings are navy blue, blue, green, yellow, and red.

This symbol is commonly used as a representation of medial organizations and is known as a caduceus.

The caduceus is surrounded by an upside-down navy blue triangle.

The color blue is often associated with wisdom, so this hints that these individuals were experts in their field and top notch physicians.