Ancient crayon reading.

Today in class I read this article:

The 10,000 year-old crayon.

The crayon in question pictured above.

The article explains that archaeologists from the University of York in England uncovered what they believe to be a Mesolithic-era version of a crayon or pencil.

The article is interesting because it shows how the technology of previous eras is so similar to ours, at least in terms of writing utensils.

I have to ask the question, is there enough evidence to prove that it was from a former era? Are we sure that the archaeologist aren’t projecting their own conclusions on it.

The meta data for this article is very bare and too specific with only : #ochre and #early life. It could have benefited from broader key terms.

Photo credit: Paul Shields, University of York

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    1. I think in order to determine if metadata would be useful, as a writer, you have to think about your audience. My goal is to put tags related to the post that can lead the reader down a path they would find interesting. The main goal of the tags are to pique the readers interest.

    1. I think my audience for this website will be very limited. Most likely the only people to see it will be people who are specifically looking for it, such as people I tell about my website. Probably what will draw people in is my opinions and analysis on the different articles I read and the block of the HIV/AIDS quilt I am working on. So basically, only people who are typically academically interested.

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